Down the cold, lonesome gravel roads of a northern Alberta hamlet, lay a peaceful paradise that Jake Ian once called home; a place that time forgot; a place that has shaped the shady, genuine, honest, and desperate characters that find their way into his wonderfully authentic songs.  Ian’s deep respect for the working man and obvious soft spot for the underdog makes its way into countless themes of real life, real love and heartbreak.

Ian’s influences are planted deeply in the past, drawing inspiration from songwriting greats such as Townes Van Zandt, John Prine and Bob Dylan.  These vintage inspirations shine through in Ian’s music, a ragged combo of folk, country and blues that will touch even the toughest of souls.  Dubbed, “Alberta’s Country Road Troubadour”, Ian has toured the country countless times over the past eight years, performing in small hamlets, villages and country settings as well as bigger urban areas.  It’s within these rural settings that Ian’s music thrives, playing his songs for the very people who influenced his music in the first place.

 Ian’s most recent album “The Trestle” was released in January, 2017 and has proved to be his most successful release to date.  It peaked at #2 on the Earshot National Folk-Roots chart and garnered stellar reviews from various publications in Canada and the United States.  Currently, Ian is in the studio working on new material while continuing to travel the dirt roads of Alberta and beyond, singing his songs for the hard working people of this world, forever searching for that perfect melody.